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ฟรี แบบทดสอบ Tense ต่างๆ ในภาษาอังกฤษ

อัปเดตเมื่อ 18 เม.ย. 2566

หากใครกำลังเตรียมสอบเรื่อง Tense อยู่ ลองทำข้อสอบนี้ดู เพื่อช่วยในการเตรียมตัวสอบนะคะ

1. She _____ (watch) a movie when her friend called.

a) watches

b) is watching

c) was watching

d) has watched

2. By the time you arrive, I _____ (finish) preparing dinner.

a) finish

b) will have finished

c) finished

d) have finished

3. I _____ (go) to the store before I realized I forgot my wallet.

a) go

b) went

c) had gone

d) have gone

4. They _____ (plan) to visit the museum next week.

a) plan

b) are planning

c) will plan

d) have planned

5. She _____ (write) the report by the end of the day.

a) writes

b) will write

c) has written

d) will have written

6. We _____ (eat) at that restaurant many times.

a) ate

b) eat

c) have eaten

d) will eat

7. The sun _____ (set) by the time we reached the beach.

a) set

b) sets

c) had set

d) has set

8. They _____ (visit) their grandparents every summer.

a) visit

b) visited

c) are visiting

d) will visit

9. If it rains, we _____ (cancel) the picnic.

a) cancel

b) cancelled

c) will cancel

d) would cancel

10. She _____ (study) for the exam when her phone rang.

a) studies

b) was studying

c) has studied

d) had studied

11. When I _____ (arrive), the party had already started.

a) arrive

b) arrived

c) will arrive

d) had arrived

12. By this time next year, they _____ (complete) their project.

a) complete

b) will complete

c) will have completed

d) have completed

13. I _____ (cook) dinner when you get home.

a) cook

b) will cook

c) am cooking

d) will be cooking

14. She always _____ (listen) to music while she works.

a) listens

b) is listening

c) has listened

d) listened

15. We _____ (see) the new movie last night.

a) see

b) saw

c) have seen

d) had seen

16. They _____ (travel) to Europe next month.

a) travel

b) will travel

c) are traveling

d) have traveled

17. I _____ (read) the book when I found the answer.

a) read

b) was reading

c) have read

d) had read

18. If I had known about the party, I _____ (attend).

a) attend

b) attended

c) would attend

d) would have attended

19. Martina _____ (meet) her friend at the coffee shop every Friday.

a) meets

b) is meeting

c) met

d) has met

20. By the time he arrives, we _____ (leave) for the concert.

a) leave

b) will leave

c) have left

d) will have left


  1. c) was watching

  2. b) will have finished

  3. c) had gone

  4. b) are planning

  5. d) will have written

  6. c) have eaten

  7. c) had set

  8. a) visit

  9. c) will cancel

  10. b) was studying

  11. b) arrived

  12. c) will have completed

  13. d) will be cooking

  14. a) listens

  15. b) saw

  16. c) are traveling

  17. b) was reading

  18. d) would have attended

  19. a) meets

  20. d) will have left

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